Getting married in Victoria. One of the celebrants at Victorian relationships Registry

Getting married in Victoria. One of the celebrants at Victorian relationships Registry

To get partnered in Victoria, one should:

In order to get partnered within Victorian relationship Registry:

Same sexual intercourse union

In Australia, legislation let relationships between both opposite-sex and same-sex twosomes.


You can actually marry in Victoria if you should be:

If you’re 16 or 17 yrs old, before get married you need:

Hotel A The Time To Find Out Designed Wedding

You ought to dwell a the time to find out desired relationships (NOIM) 1 thirty day period before marriage ceremony date.

Celebrants and ministers

Relationships in Victoria is played by an authorised celebrant, just like:


Wedding ceremony Act 1961 and so the wedding legislation regulate marriage in Australia. They determine certain requirements that a marriage service must satisfy.

The style and duration of the ceremony can be your. You’ll go with:

The celebrant or minister will let you know the text that your particular ceremony must contain.

There’s really no set costs for a marriage ceremony in Victoria. Affirm expenditures with the celebrant or minister before reserving wedding ceremony.

Witnesses your diamond

Want two witnesses in your wedding ceremony, to:

Witnesses might any family member or good friend that is at the least 18 yrs old.

Proof of union

On your own special day, you’ll receive a commemorative marriage certification. It’s actually not much like a legal matrimony document and generally are not useful for formal requirements as evidence of your very own nuptials.

As soon as your matrimony are subscribed (your celebrant or minister do this), you can actually sign up for a legitimate nuptials certificate.

Changing your brand

More often than not, you won’t need to find a big change of name to battle your partner’s relatives name. Read altering your identity after wedding, divorce or divorce or separation.

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